Organizer: The Governor's Office of Uvurkhangai aimag, The aimag's Department of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, The all soum Governor's Offices of the aimag, "Aravgar-Kheer" Federation of horse racing sport and trainers
Date: 18th August of Every year
Venue: At the complex "Mongol tumeny ikh shuteen", Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai aimag
Ticket price: Call for the information


  • Stake race of foal horses
  • Ambler horses demonstration
  • Lassoing a horse
  • Grabbing a lasso pole from land on top a running horse
  • Horse bucking
  • "Guutei ailiin guzeetei huu" Airag (fermented milk of mares) drinking competition
  • "Do you know Dembee" airag drinking game
  • "Aravdakh" Ten fingers game
  • Lassoing a horse from top of a running horse
  • Traditional ankle bones horse racing game (participating tourists)
  •  Gathering up the ankle bones game (participating tourists)
  • Mongolian handwork exhibition (bridle, rein, saddle and lasso pole etc)
  • Auction of foal horses with fast ancestry