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  • Camel festival
  • Camel festival
  • Horse festival
  • Yak festival
  • Golden eagle festival


Nauryz is celebrated broadly by over 300 million people worldwide in such places Middle East, Balkan Peninsula, Central Asia and Caucasus. In 2010, Nauryz is proved as the International Celebration by the General Assembly’s 64th conference of UNESCO.   Further Nauryz is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage (by Educational, scientific and cultural organizations). Nauryz is a non-religious celebration, but a celebration of the mankind who are in close relationship with mother earth. Word “Nauryz” originated from Persian words “Nau-New”, “Ryz- Day” which means “New Day”.  Nauryz is a New Year celebration for the Kazakhs who are sunny Muslims in Bayan Ulgii province. This holiday has been celebrated on 21-22 March, the day of the spring equinox. That’s why the Kazakhs call the month of March Nauryz.

Nauryz is celebrated as the day of the renewed life which comes with the spring. It is the day when the first spring thunder strikes, birds are swelling on the trees, and vegetation grows wildly. Nauryz, as a non-religious celebration of the spring and renewal, is closely linked to some other Kazakh holidays, such as a “farewell to winter” festival. People believed, the more generous the celebration of Nauryz was the happier the year would be. Therefore, there are so many rituals and festivities related to this holiday. On the eve of the holiday, people would clean their homes, pay back their debts and reconciled with their opponents because, as the old people used to say, if Nauryz entered the house, all diseases and failures would pass it by. On the night before the festival, all vessels in the house would be filled with milk; airan (plain yogurt), grain, and spring water because it meant that people would have a lot of milk, good yield and plenty of rain during the coming year. 


  • Opening ceremony
  • National Costume Parade
  • Nauryz Koje- Dancing celebration
  • Various traditional games of Kazakh Nation

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