Organizer: Tsaidam tourist camp, “Gerelt Erdem” Co.Ltd
Date: 5th of August, Every year
Venue: Tsaidam, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province
Ticket price: 30 $ per tourist excluding meals (need to ask for detail information, price changes every year)

Mongolians have been paying attention on their children’s manner since long time ago. The method to bring up the children is mostly connects with culture, tradition, everyday lifestyle, saving earth or animals. It is hard to imagine Mongolian nomad life or ancient history without horse. In order to train the horses for riding they are started from the age of 2-year-old. In a proverb of Mongolia, "Hun boloh bagaasaa, huleg boloh unaganaasaa" which means "The fine pullet shows its excellence from the egg". Therefore, similar to this proverb, developing the children depending on their interests, “99 Heroes Trip” 2-year old or foal horse racing has been organized for the 3rd year.


  • Advertising the children labor
  • Raising numbers of tourists to Mongolia
  • Producing a new tour product in Mongolian Tourism

Programs :

  • Experience the lifestyle of children, everyday activities and Naadam Festival of Children
  • Foal horses racing of 99 little warriors
  • Wrestling of children
  • Archery of children
  • Listen to the GiinGoo (song for horses) of children
  • Performance of Children with traditional costumes
  • Cultural performance- “ Bloom Of the Flower” ensemble’s concert
  • Adult wrestling of 32 wrestlers
  • Local Archery competition  
  • Awarding: 120 participant children & adult wrestlers (with a purpose of encouraging them for their labor)


  • Stationaries for 99 little warriors
  • The best GiinGoo singer
  • The best warrior costume
  • First 5 riders of the colt race
  • Bayan hodood meaning full stomach prize (this year’s last horse-next year’s first one)
  • Champion of Archery
  • Awards for 4 finalists of children wrestling
  • Awards for 4 finalists of adult wrestling
  • 99 khadag (silk band) for 99 foal horses

Tsaidam Tourist Camp: Established in 2005 with a capacity of 29 gers, 80 tourists. 43 km from Kharkhorin soum on paved road. The camp is including souvenir shop, Mongolian Toys Ger, Ger Museum showing the lifestyle of Mongolia.