• Yohor festival
  • Camel festival
  • Camel festival
  • Horse festival
  • Yak festival
  • Golden eagle festival


Since 2005, the festival has been organized on every August 4th. It has become one of the most favorite festivals among local children.  The festival is aim to inherit the culture and art of Western Mongolia as well as introducing and promoting it for domestic and foreign tourists. The festival includes performances of melodies performed on traditional instrument horse headed fiddle (bayad, durvud, hoton etc., ), throat songs, biyelgee. 

Programs :

  • Opening ceremony
  • Western Mongolian folk concert
  • Awarding ceremony of best talent
  • Opening ceremony of Children’ Mini Naadam
  • Children’ wrestling
  • 2-year-old horses or foals racing
  • Betted adult wrestling
  • Betted Stallion racing
  • Betted 6-year-old horse racing
  • Prizing activity for horse racing
  • Prizing activity for wrestlers
  • Closing ceremony


  • During the festival, you’ll experience the Western Mongolian Nomad culture, tradition, lifestyle and watching how dairy products such as curds, cheese, vodka are produced visiting especially prepared gers
  • We’ll serve you by vehicles from Ulaangom, Bayan-Ulgii or khovd provinces.
  • Distances: 100km from Ulaangom, the central town of Uvs province 450 km from Khovd town, 240 km from Ulgii town
  • Before or after Naadam we organize one or two-day tours
  • Not allowed to sell or use alcohol