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Everyone is getting thrilled about winter! Winter is the time for snow, chills, holiday season and fun! In Mongolia, however, there’s a bonus – exhilarating winter festivals! One of the festivals is the Camel Festival, held in the middle of the amazing Gobi Desert of Mongolia, and is already one of the most famous winter festivals in the world. This festival celebrates Mongolian camels, to conserve the 2-humped Bactrian camel species, pass the rich Mongolian camel breeding heritage to the next generation, and to promote winter tourism in Mongolia.

Camel Festival is annually held in 6-7th March and the event will take place in Dalanzadgad town of South Gobi. It’s an entertaining 2-day of event that features various contests related to Mongolian camel culture and lots of local music and dances. Nomads from far and near wear their best deels (Mongolian traditional clothes) and ride their best camels to attend the festival as it’s their pride and a big celebration for them.  During the festival, People from Gobi with camels prepare nice dress and traditional clothing to compete for best dressed and there are many kinds of competition among others and everyone in this festival are very satisfied every single programs by competing and involving.

Itinerary: UB - Mandalgobi - Dalanzadgad - Bulgan soum (from UB to Dalanzadgad 560km of paved road, approximately 7 hours of drive)


1st Day

  • Pre championship of Camel Polo (competitions between local teams should be finished day before)
  • Opening ceremony of the Camel Festival. Camels Parade. Tourists can attend the parade. Contest of the best couple on camelback
  • Start of the Mongolian Traditional Game- ice shooting competition
  • Championship of Camel Polo
  • “Camel - My friend” Painting Exhibition organized by “Altai Snow cock” nature protecting club of Bulgan soum’s high school students and their activities
  • Explore  the exhibition of local handcrafts, camel milk, healing effects of camel dairy products
  • Enjoy the cultural concert of the “Altai Snow cock” nature protecting club

 2nd Day

  • 09:00 – Start of Camel Race. Making bets on chosen camels. Organizing the bets “Bulgan Bulagyn Trainer’s Association”
  • 10:30 Enjoy Camel Racing
  • 12:00 2 year-old young camels’ race with the bets
  • 13:00- 14:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 “Camel Relay” competition testing camel herders’ agility
  • 17:00 Awarding and closing ceremonies

3rd Day (Leisure day, free day)

Back itinerary: Bulgan soum- Khavtsgait Rock Petro glyphs- Dalanzadgad

  • Watch the “Khavtsgait Petro glyphs”, the remnant of the ancient people, which locate in Baruun Saikhan Mountain, the one of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains where in 28 km from Bulgan soum
  • Visit “Youth Cultural and Information Center” in Dalanzadgad and will be informed with the information of  Mongolian Gobi paleontology and nature, animals, flora and fauna
  • Back to Ulaanbaatar from Dalanzadgad


  • Bus ticket 30000 MNT (Bayanzurkh bus Station)
  • Every day at 09:00 local transportation from Dalanzadgad to Bulgan soum (bus ticket 10000 MNT), Taxi goes from “Ochir ” Shopping center
  • Bayanzurkh Bus Station-70153386; 98663386
  • Umnugobi aimag’s Transportation Department- 70533708

Accommodation: Specially prepared Ger-hotels of Bulagan soum’s local people (in winter time tourist camps don’t work). In Ger-hotels work trained servers by tourist services and food services.

Communication services: Bulgan soum locates in 100 km from Dalanzadgad and there are available communication operators such as Mobicom, G-mobile, Skytel, Unitel.

Fee: 50 USD for mandate and allowed to take photos from car during the camel race in certain distance. Wear the mandate during the whole festival. Mandates will be given before one month.

Weather: Annual average temperatures at nights -10-15OC, at days -3-8 OC

Other: Various options of car services such as Land Cruiser 80, Land Cruiser 100, UAZ furgon etc.

Possible to attend tourists by team to all of the competitions like Camel polo, Camel Racing, Camel Parade, Camel Relay etc. Also will be appreciated tourists with the flags, logos of their countries and companies. Need to inform about attendance before 1st of March.

The companies or individual donors of the festival will be advertised broadly and gives right to become a member of the “Thousand camels- camel travel" association, the organizer. Tax of a member is 100 USD a year.

Festival committee