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  • Camel festival
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Ice Festival is annually held in 3-4th of March in Khuvsgul Province. During the festival, people from everywhere prepare nice dress and traditional clothing to compete for best dressed and there are many kinds of competition among others. In order to promote the winter tourism, the Ice Festival has been held one of the big events in Khatgal Province and everyone in this festival are very satisfied every single programs by competing and involving.


1st day: 

  • Opening Ceremony  
  • Shaman Rituals
  • Skate competition
  • Horse and sledge races
  • Traditional game “Ice Shooting”
  • Marching of horses with sledges
  • Sledge horse race for
  • 1st round of skating marathon for 100km
  • Car driving competition on ice
  • Available horse riding & sledge dog
  • Visit a nomad and reindeer families
  • Shopping in ice gers
  • Traditional art concert of local artists
2nd day: 
  • 2nd round of skating marathon for 100 km
  • Reindeer race
  • Catching reindeer with lasso competition
  • Short distance skating race (2 кm)
  • Wrestling on ice
  • Tug-of-war on ice
  • Prize ceremony
  • Closing ceremony
  • Fire works