• Bogd khaan palace museum
  • Central museum of Mongolian dinosaurs
  • Arkhangai province museum
  • Mongolian national museum
  • Choijin lama temple museum
  • Kharkhorin museum


THE CENTRAL MUSEUM: The central museum was first established in 1951 under the name of Research lab in the local area. Then, it has been renamed several times such as a Local Study Museum in 1966 and a Museum of Tuv Province in 1991. Since it was declared as the museum of Tuv Province, the museum has been continuously operated and enriched the exhibitions. The aim of the museum is to publicize the exhibitions to the citizens. Today, the museum has about 7 halls that show history, geography, geology, flora and fauna, historical events, foreign relationship and well-known people in Tuv Province.

THE NATURE MUSEUM: The museum is located on the south side of Bogd Khan Mountain where the Buddhist monastery "Manzushir” was built in 1749. In the museum, you can see a huge copper pot of 17th century, rare samples of wood, sand and stone, different stuffed animals, a stone to 1 for milling grain in the 17th-18th centuriesь ancient and cultural monuments related to 7th-8th century BC, a carved and decorated Mongolian ger and a teepee which is the pride of Mongolians.

Khutagt, you can see documentary pictures of Manzushir Monastry which were taken in the 1920s and religion objects such as ritual costumes, masks instruments and the remains of the temples. Also, you can pray to Manzushir Khutagt and feel the real nature of beauty.