• Bogd khaan palace museum
  • Central museum of Mongolian dinosaurs
  • Arkhangai province museum
  • Mongolian national museum
  • Choijin lama temple museum
  • Kharkhorin museum


A new museum consists of a series of haunting displays chronicling the bloody communist purges of the 1930s - an aggressive campaign to eliminate encounter of revolutionaries. During the campaign, intellectuals were arrested and put on trial, sent to Siberian labour camps or shot. Mongolia lost top writers, scientists and thinkers.

 The museum was inspired by the former Prime Minister P. Genden, who was executed in Moscow by the KGB in 1937 for refusing Stalin's orders to carry out the purge. The museum is now run by his daughter. The walls of the ground floor carry the names of 20,000 souls. A yellow dot by the name signifies that the deceased was a monk, red means a communist and blue means a civilian.