DASH Sandag (89 years old), a Meritorious Worker of the Road Construction of Mongolia

When I was demobilized from the army in 1950, I was employed in the stone crushing and gravel preparing factory located in the place Uuliin Nuur (former name is Chuluun Toochig) and worked in charge for equipment and tools of the prisoners who prepared the stones by crushing them in this place and received those stones by measuring. Those prisoners were placed in semi-whole shelters named “Zemlyak” in that place and they worked from 7AM to 9PM. Between 12PM – 13PM, they made blasting and released the rocks and stones 

In this place, 1000 cubic meters of crushed stones were prepared by the force of the Japanese soldiers who were captured during the war of 1946 and those crushed stones were required in constructing the road on the west of the National University of Mongolia, and also, 11,000 cubic meters of crushed stones required to construct the Sukhbaatar square were prepared in this place in 1946 and 1947. Moreover, when constructing the 15 km of long road from Central Post Office until the Airport, the gravels were taken from here. In the beginning, they made the blasting and sometimes shot by the artillery and prepared and collected the released stones using the forces and labors of many people.  

There were good traffic road engineers and professionals were among the Japanese soldiers and thus, I think that they recognized the quality of the stones of this place and started using them. 


Chuluun Toochig 1950, Central Square  

An ordinary man S. Ulziitogtokh who worked in South Korea in 2005-2008 on the official labor contract and returned to Mongolia had an idea to change this place, which already became a waste and garbage point in 2009, into the garden. He started making his own private investment in 2012 in order to clean the wastes and garbage and recover the former lake.

The Lake was successfully restored, planted the trees among the rocks and stones and the environment for the citizens of ger district to place ice-skating in winters and sail by boat in summers. 

As of 2018, about 400 units of the decorative and fruit trees and bushes of 19 types are growing in the Mountain Lake.



Every year, about 6000 citizens come to this place and play by ice-skates in winters and sail by boat in summers. 

Starting from 2016, the children started coming together with their classmates and also, foreign tourists visit to get introduced with the activity.

This is the garden that is being created by the individual’s initiation, own investment and the capital.


Further goal of Ulzii is to construct the training buildings in the Mountain Lake where the sport clubs such as ice hockey, figure skating, training place for ice rock climbers in winters and wall climbers during summer time, special training centers for learning the computers, foreign languages and other subjects/lessons that are useful for the citizens. 



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