Dadal - legendary birthplace of Chinghis Khaan: Dadal Soum in the Khentii province is the legendary birthplace of Chinghis Khaan. As it is written in “The Secret History of the Mongols”, Great Chinghis Khaan was born at the tributary of the Onon and Balj rivers in the current region of Dadal Soum. In 2000, Onon-Balj is a National Park which covers 400,000 hectare of land in this region. The Dadal region is a gorgeous area with lakes, rivers and forest.

The Monument of the great Chinghis khaan in Dadal Soum is located next to the Gurvan Nuur spring, which means “Three Lakes” and it is naturally beautiful area. The historical stone monument built in 1962 was constructed to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Chinghis Khaan’s birth. This 12m high, 4m thick and 10m based monument was designed by sculptor, L.Makhbal. There is an inscription of Mongolian traditional script on the monument saying “Chinghis Khaan myself don’t matter if only my state is in peace and in order”. On the back of the monument is written another inscription saying - “Dedicated to the 800 years birth anniversary of Chinghis Khaan, a founder of the Mongol Empire”.