Arkhangai province is famous for its many ancient volcanoes. These volcanoes and the accompanying tectonic activity play a special role for the numerous water springs and natural hot water that flows from an elevation of 1860 meters (1.16 mile) above sea level. Mongolia’s most famous hot spring, Tsenkher natural hot spring, is located in Tsenkher Soum. This natural beauty is located 27km south from Tsetserleg town which is the central town of the Arkhangai province. The hot spring surrounded by cliffs and rapid rivers is located between woody hills and breathtaking mountains. The water from this geological spectacle emerges from the ground at 85.5°C (185.9°F). It is said that the Tsenkher hot spring has healing ability that assist in treating articular diseases and nervous system diseases. The spring is composed of hydrogen sulfide, sodium carbonate, hydro carbonate, sulfate, and fluorite. The Tsenkher hot springs provides a place for visitors to relax in naturally heated water-pools that are artfully nestled in a lush mountain valley. This health spa also offers indoor and outdoor baths.