Duutyn Khad is situated near the Mountain Tuvkhun, 20km far from the center of Delgerkhaan Soum in Tuv province. A poem written by Tsogt Taij was carved on this rock so it is known as “Tsogtyn Khadnii Bichig” (Rock Inscription of Tsogt Prince) in 1624. The rock has a deep root under the surface of the ground and it produces a sound when it was bitten, that is why this rock is called Duutyn Khad, meaning singing rock. The inscription dated back to time of 380 years ago was perfectly preserved until today.  The meaning of the 30-row poem is that “although their appearances are different, both thief and wolf has a common desire of greediness”. At the end of the inscription, it was said this poem was written on the rock by Daichin Khia and Guyin Baatar in 18th of January, 1624. Many petro glyphs can be found around this rock. In 1971 this important memorial was announced as a zone under State Protection.