The Bogd Khan Mountain exists in the south of the Khentii mountain range; it lies on the border between the woodland and the steppes. The southern side of the mountain range is composed of larch forest. It and its foot hills span from the east to the west. The highest peak of the mountain range is Tsetsee Gun, which is 2268 m above sea level, and the second highest peak is Tushee Gun, which is 2256 m above sea level.

The Bogd Khan Mountain was one the world’s first mountain’s to be protected by the government for conservation purposes.  There’s a legend about how Van khan Tooril protected and worshipped the mountain, he named it Khan Mountain between the 12th and 13th centuries. In 1778, by the decree of Khuree minister Yunderdorj, Bogd Khan Mountain was determined a conservation area to be protected by the government. This decree was restated again in 1957, 1974, and 1995. Bogd Khan Mountain has an important role in generating Ulaanbaatar city’s pleasant weather. It is included in the Tuul river’s covering, small rivers start from the 20 gaps of Bogd Khan Mountain, and some of them joins the Tuul river and other small rivers reach the mountain’s skirt and sink in the soil.  Bogd Khan Mountain contains several medical hot springs, 54 species of mammal, 1660 species of insect, and 194 species of bird.


The Bogd Khan Mountain botany is composed of cedar forest, pine forest, larch forest, and a spruce forest which dominates the upland area of the Khentii mountain range. In total, 588 species of plant grow in the mountain. Around the Bogd Khan Mountain’s valleys, there are many historical sites to encounter. These include traditional rock art, ancient burial mounds, and tombs.


The ancient legend of The Bogd Khan mountain describes an ancient battle between: Bogd, the archery hero; and Chingeltei, the wrestler, that ultimately led to the geographic features formation. One day, Bogd the archery hero decided to take Tuul, the beautiful mermaid, as his wife. But Chingeltei the wrestler also had feelings for her. The two warriors agreed to a fight, the winner of the battle would take the beautiful mermaid girl as a prize. After a fierce battle, Bogd the archery hero was pronounced the victor. Upon his defeat, Chingeltei wrestler said: “By the rule of our agreement, you have won the right to take Tuul. However I have a request for you, because I will always love Tuul, please take my head and place it in front of you. For even when I’m dead I wish to be look at her.” True to Chingeltei’s request, Bogd the hero cut Chingeltei’s head from his body and placed it in front of him. Today this scene is represented by Zaisan hill, Chingeltei the wrestler is the north mountain.