The complex is established to show the 13th century lifestyles and culture of the Great Mongol Empire. Currently, there are 6 different camps and tribes of the empire and it is the only place you can visit the ancient micro kingdom of the 13th century and experience the genuine way of living and working during that time. Horse relay postal system, Urtuu was created under the Chinghis khaan reign. Uguudei Khaan, the son of Chinghis Khaan developed horse relay service as postal man would be able to rest, eat and change the tired riding horses in every 30km  between the stations.

Relay station camp:  This camp is located at the entrance. When tourists come in, the guardians inspect tourist’s ticket in the relay station and the servants will guide the tourists to the next camp. Tourists are introduced to a Coat of arms (white and black emblem), military armor, helmet, sword, shield soot of Great Mongolian Empire.

Craftsman’s camp: In the craftsmen camp, you will enjoy observing the craftsmen artwork such as horse hold utensils, women’s ornaments, jewelry, arms and tools etc. Throughout the complex, tourists watch details of the interiors and exteriors closely as they are all handmade.

Educational camp: By visiting this camp, Tourists see the unique culture of the literacy, traditional way of educating their successors and youths.

Herder’s camp: The daily life of herders, pastoral culture, the way of breeding the livestock, the methods of producing dairy products, horse training and catching horses with lasso pole, processing leather straps, riding horses, yaks and camels are available with your choice to experience the life of XIII century in Mongolia.

Shaman’s camp: Shamans from different clans all over Mongolia gather around the bon fire under the blue sky to perform shaman ritual and worship the mother nature and Gods, aiming for one common deed. 

King’s palace: In the King’s Palace, there will be different programs and receptions while you sit back and enjoy the traditional food and traditional concert. Also you can try on king and queen’s traditional costumes and you will have great chance to be taken a picture as a king and queen.