History: Mongolian people have been using the Shargaljuut mineral water for thousands of year to cure their diseases. By the end of the 17th century, Dorjrinchin together with Mongolian and Tibetan therapist determined how to use over 50 kinds of mineral waters for curing diseases and announced it to the public. Not only Mongolians also foreigners including Chinese and Russians used to visit the Shargaljuut mineral water for treatments during the autonomous governance.  During the 18 and 19th centuries, famous monk Khalkha Zaya Bandita Luvsanperenlei authored the Shargaljuut mineral water treatment sutra. Moreover, in 1850, Undur Gegeen Zanabazar (1635-1723), the first Jebtsun dampa Khutukhtu and one of the great figures of Mongolian Buddhism wrote two books about rules to use the Shargaljuut mineral waters. Top ranking royalties and Buddhist monks Undur Gegeen Zanabazar, Lamyn Gegeen and Khutugtu Tserendorj as well as Sain Noyon Khan, Governor of Sain Noyon Khan Province, used to visit the Shargaljuut mineral water. So, it was named as the mineral water for nobilities.

Location: Shargaljuut spa resort located in the beautiful scenery place along the bank of Shargaljuut River in Erdenetsogt Soum of Baynkhongor province.
Height: Located in the mountain slope, elevated 2150m above sea level.
Establishment: Originally in 1954 by based on the Shargaljuut group of mineral water.
River: The Shargaljuut riffle flows throughout the 4 season of the year.
Climate: Four seasons in a year and by the effect of hot spring evaporation, climate is comparatively warm and humid.
Capacity: In summer, The Shargaljuut spa resort has capacity to serve 500 persons in a shift, in cold season, 300 persons in a shift. A Company owned 20 hectares of land, 10 hectare mineral deposit.  6-7 million liters of mineral water naturally flows a day.



  • Product and Service
  • Treatment
  • Receive domestic and foreign travelers
  • Confidence
  • Organize ceremonies and festivals
  • Arrange recreational activities for family, friends and organizations
  • Operation
  • Spa clinic
  • Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Restaurant cafe
  • Hotels Deluxe rooms, 2 bed rooms, standard rooms and yurts
  • Eco-Hotel Luxury house, semi-deluxe rooms and standard rooms
  • Children’s Play room
  • Chess, checkers and cards room
  • Conference hall and training hall
  • Banquet service in outdoor entertainment area, open cafe, Eco garden and spa resort area upon request
  • Mineral deposits tour
  • Treatment in spa baths and mineral deposits
  • Types of mineral water to drink
  • Massage and Fitness
  • Spa clinic visit
  • Sport Events
  • Fireworks
  • Performances upon request
  • Karaoke and Lounge
  • Restaurant and Lounge
  • VIP service
  • Mineral deposits


  • Cold springs 23-30 degrees
  • Warm springs 30-45 degrees
  • Hot springs 50-86 degrees
  • Boiling and driving springs 90-96 degrees, and covers most of the spring flow.
  • Spring water has different tastes, such as, sulfur, bitter, sour, salt, and combined also have colorless clear springs.
  • Springs algae grow in different colors such as red, orange, dark, green and black. Because of algae growing in various colors, spring flows in different with each other. Though all of the springs burgeoning from one rock at a same time, but all other features and the strengths are different.

Types of treatment to be offered under nature cure factors

  • Hot mud bath – highly mineralized and radon bearing medicinal mud is used for treatments.
  • Mineral water bath- Various mineral water baths are offered for the various diseases.
  • Embrocation wrapping, wash and washout treatments with hot mineral water- Embrocation wrapping, washout, drop, wash and compress will be done with various hot mineral water.
  • Taking mineral water various treatment- To drink various hot and cold mineral water for the internal organs disease’s treatment under a scheme advised by doctors to your specific needs.
  • Gynecological treatment – it is done with the mineral for gynecological diseases.
  • Hot and cold embrocation treatment- Unusual rocks which are heated by mineral water are used as an embrocation for treatments of backache, kidney and bladder diseases.
  • Aerotherapeutics-Large volume of vapor, due to the evaporations from more than 160 mineral springs with 45-96c hot mineral waters that covers an area of 10 hectares creates a unique therapeutic medical bio-atmosphere around the spa resort.

Basic treatments 

  • Drinking mineral water
  • The spa bath
  • Hot mud apply
  • Incense spa treatment
  • Bile and stomach wash, belly cleaning
  • Treatment for women
  • Air treatment
  • Algae treatment
  • Salt treatment
  • Springs compress and scarves
  • Hot mud treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Massage therapy, massage
  • Water treatment
  • Salt and gravel roads
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga meditation calming treatment

WHY Shargaljuut spring treats diseases?

  • Anti-aging and hydrogen ion.
  • Known as the most powerful Asian Springs secrets to explain scientifically.
  • It was able to confirm that Shargaljuut springs ability of relieving not only considered top in Mongolia but also as world class. 90% of manifestations of diseases in the human body, and the causes of aging is associated with the activated oxygen.
  • When human body oxidized or rusted by the service of active oxygen as a result, becomes a source of cancer, atherosclerosis, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases.
  • Hydrogen ion is smaller than the 60 trillion cells in human body, mitochondria in human cell even smaller than the constituting parts of gene.
  • Because of the small size of cells, its can reach to the bones and joint and even to the brain cells that drugs never reach.

Hydrogen ion effect 

  • Alkaline cells promote digestion process.
  • Reduces aging process by removing active oxygen.
  • Proven positive benefits in treating diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease.
  • It is able to cure allergy because Hydrogen ions work against oxidation and reduces calcification, its determined experimentally.
  • Reduces loosened facial skin, wrinkles because hydrogen ions extract melamine.
  • The advantage of hydrogen ions is easy to absorb into the human tissue. Because of very small structure, it goes deep into bone that drugs can reach. So that, it has healing abilities of arthritis diseases.
  • When bathing in spring water with hydrogen ion, human body heat increases from inside and improved blood circulation, releases active oxygen from body.
  • The professor of Kyushu University of Mineral Water, Mr.Sanyetaka Shirahata, in his 35 years of treatment on various kinds of illness and experimental research using hydrogen ion Lakotye containing spa water, the following results were obtained.
  • Including: 97% of the Allergy, 88% of the diabetes, 85% of the kidney, bladder diseases, 96%of the skin diseases, 89% of the Diseases of respiratory, 91% of the digestive diseases, 87% of the Rheumatic arthritics diseases cured.
  • According to the results of experimental studies of hydrogen ions and Spa has proven to be a unique healing abilities.

Address: Erdenetsogt Soum, Bayankhongor province, Mongolia