The monastery located in the center of the Gobi, when Buddhism spread in Mongolia in XIX century, yellow and red sect had a war and it is special that red sect developed during that period. Monastery was established in the 1820's by famous 19th century Mongolian educator and poet Danzanravjaa when he was 17 years old. According to a legend of the monastery, upland good man was helping to a poor people in that low land area where the monastery located. There are 3 three pieces’ tree mascot around the temple, where it protects three directions from the various attacks. Besides the religion, he devoted great efforts to the public education, established non religious public school to literate women and children, theatre, museum, and a library. Also he composed to perform a drama called “Saran khukhuu” for one month. None of the 700 temples were in Mongolia operating above mentioned activities.

Next to the monastery, there is a stupa called “Old man” built by copper from the Erdenet mining which was the, main leverage of Mongolian economy.  Inside of the stupa, tons of tea plants, 7 tons of juniper, and deity statues, red sect lama’s sculpture, 5 wall Mongolian furnished ger and silk were blessed mantra absorbed special power and put. In the north of the hilltop, there were an interesting rock called breast rock. Also, there were some special places with red small rocks where you sit or lay around to get energy from the world energy center or they call it “Shambala heaven”. Shambala mean intellectual enlightenment mental break selfishness basis. 108 stupas built around the area, if you come there before sunrise you will receive a good energy. In 1851, Danzanravjaa noble did tsam dancing (special religious ceremony dance) it is believed if someone did this kind of special ceremony it is realm to the Shambala heaven. Since this ceremony was held 166 years have passed. A strong flow of energy flowing around the temple every year, which is 50 thousand people, arrive every year.

Not very far from the Temple, there is a mountain fulfill their wish. It takes 300 m walk through the length and width of 2.6 meters.  Women and children walk up until the middle of the mountain, men walked up to the top and say prayers and offer the vodka for the good omens. Before 1930, top of the mountain had a hat spire adorned with the same crown jewel.Khan is the title given to this mountain, which researchers say there are about 120 mountain Honors degree in Mongolian.

Tourists visit there to pilgrimage and also seeks to revive the spirit energy. There are many things to see such as story of Educator reincarnates Lama, red sect temple energy point breast rock, wish mountain, old man stupa, sakura valley,  108 meditation stupa cave etc.