Lake Shireet Tsagaan is one of 3 small lakes in southeast of Mountain Ikh Mongol, 27 km north from Burd Soum of Uvurkhangai province. This lake is surrounded by sand and lizards found everywhere around the lake conjure up “Gobi” or half-desert in southern Mongolia. A forest of larch, wicker and elm around the lake and a melody of cuckoo make the area appear much like a mountainous area in western Mongolia. It is so fascinating that such a small area like it covers all Mongolian distinctive natural features. It means you can see gobi or half-desert zone, forested region as well as mountainous area all at once. On the bank of this lake, in 1639 Zanabazar, a son of Tusheet khan Gombodorj, was titled as “First Bogd Gegeen” and a castle, Shar Bust Urguu, was built. This laid a foundation of current Ulaanbaatar. First Bogd Zanabazar consecrated a juniper of a particular type which grows in Mountain Ikh Mongol.