This 500-600km-long earth fortress stretches from west of old center of Baruun-Adarga Soum, Khentii Aimag passing north of Lake Sain Tsagaan through Norovlin Soum, Bayandun Soum, Dornod Aimag and Khermyn Khudag in a terrain of 3 Soums, Tsagaan-Ovoo, Sergelen, Gurvanzagal. It discontinues at several parts and only some parts or 300km of the fortress is in a Mongolian territory. There are some small earth fortresses measuring 40m x 50m where guards had been sitting in.

For instance, Durvuljin Buudal, Ulzyn Undur Dovyn Kherem, Mogoyn Adgiin Kherem, Uguumeryn Kherem, Delgerekhyn Tal and Bayanbulagiin Kherem. It is said that it takes midday or a whole day to travel between each fortress. Some of them are 8-12km apart from each other. There were no traces that someone had been living in the fortress, but vase and bowl remains were found. Fortresses like them are said to have found in large numbers along Chinggisyn Dalan. It is also said that fortresses of midday are triangular and fortresses of whole day are square. In southern Mongolia there are also places like it. For example, in Nomgon Soum, Khurmen Soum, Bayandalay Soum and Noyon Soum of Umnugobi Aimag, there is a long earth fortress also called Chinggsiyn Dalan. Researchers suppose that these fortresses as were a border of any foreign country. But, it hasn’t been researched thoroughly until today.