m above sea level, this mountain rock is situated on east bank of Kherlen River south from Mount Kherlenbayan Ulaan. The mountain has a unique natural formation and contains several caves, Bronze Age burials, 2 big round Khirigsuur and graves belong to the Hunnu period. In the mountain there is a rock with an inscription about fighting between Galdan Boshigt of Oirad and Enkh-Amgalan khan of Manchu. This is known as Mount Toono Inscription. In 1955 Kh.Perlee studied this inscription which explained the victory of Enkh-Amgalan khan over Galdan Boshigt after 5-days battle in 1696. It is clear that this inscription was carved in 12th of May, 1696. In the inscription it said “Galdan vamoosed… Perhaps he has reached Bayanulaan. I think I will not be late if I chase with a large force… Galdan, being in stranded position, fled at night leaving all his weapons, shields, dwelling belongings, ill person and small children… I chased after him with a large force till Mount Toono…”.