This place called Uvurkhushuutyn Bulgyn Ekh is the central point of Mongolia and it is situated at the coordinate of northern latitude of 460521 and eastern longitude of 1030501 13,5km south from Burd Soum, Uvurkhangai Aimag. In 1979 a geographer, Professor Sharavyn Shagdar determined this point and had a stone cairn raised marking the location in 1989. Since then the locals has expanded it by erecting a stupa and a fence. The central point is located at the junction of the centre of 2 circles, one of which passes through the most southern and northern point of Mongolia and the other one which passes through the most eastern and western point of the country. By using a same method, all Aimags and 318 Soums of Mongolia had their central points pinpointed and few of them had a monument built marking the location. Sh.Shagdar determined the central point of Mongolia by using a geographic coordinate system, a rectangle method, a quadratic equation as well as a circle method.