Uighar city ruin, Baibalik, is situated 14km to west from the center of Khutag-Undur soum, Bulgan province and locals also call it Biibulag. 44 line of inscription was written on the stele which was built in Saikhan soum, Bulgan province. In the inscription, Uighar king Myunchur says that “I ordered to establish Baibalik city on bank of Selenge River”. Therefore, researchers claim that this city was built by Myunchur, a king of Uighar. Since its construction, the city had always been visited by Sogd (current Tajikistan) and Chinese merchants, Sogd preachers.

They did a missionary work and translated Buddhist writings into Uighar language. Baibalik was a flourishing city and one of cultural centers in central Asia of that period. There were two fortresses built of clay in the city.  But most part of them collapsed and only east and north section of the northern fortress remained currently. This remained fortress is 4m high and 2m thick. Many tiny holes on the fortress are supposed to have been used for observing outside. On northern fortress of the city there was a large temple surrounded by lions of male and female. In 840, Baibalik city was destroyed by Kyrgyz nomadic tribes from Yenisei River. All books and sutras were burned during this destruction.