This 30km long, 20km wide steppe is situated 1300m above sea level south from Mount Kherlenbayan Ulaan and west from Mount Kherlen Toono in Khentii Aimag. This is a historically important place where Ikh Khuraldai used to take place and Ugudei, Munkh, Yesuntumur khans were enthroned as a king. There are several lakes including Lake Khuduu, Lake Toson, Lake Zamag and Lake Tsagaan. 7 small hills (Durvuljin, Suul, Ikh Ulaan Tolgoy, Baga Ulaan Tolgoy, Olon Ovoo and Takhilgat Gatsaa) are situated on a sunny side of Mount Kherlenbayan. Scientists believe that the place called Doloon Boldog in The Secret History of Mongols refers to these 7 small hills.

In 1990, a 4m high Genghis khan’s monument was built celebrating 750th years’ completion anniversary of the “Secret History of Mongols”. Standing Genghis khan was depicted on a face of the monument and an ending note in the “Secret History of Mongols” was inscribed on the west side. On the east and north side cavalrymen along with tribes’ seal imprints of that time were carved. South from this monument there are some historical sights such as the Aurag city ruin in Rashaan Dersny Ukhaa and the Aurag spring. “Khuduu Aral” tourist camp is located 11km north from the monument. Mount Toono, where Galdanboshigt had been fighting against the Manchu, can be seen from southeast of Khuduu Aral. Mount Kherlenbayan Ulaan is situated on northwest of it. Thus, Khuduu Aral was the safest place protected on all 4 sides being surrounded by Mount Kherlenbayan Ulaan, Mount Toono, River Kherlen and River Sengur.