Khongor sand dune is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia standing as high as 200 meters above the ground, 7-8 km wide and 180 km long. The dunes rise up between Altai Mountains to the south, and stream and oases on the north side with lush green. Climbing the dunes is breathtaking, not only for the view at the top. It surprises climbers that the sand dunes make a singing sound while you climb.

Khongor sand dunes are also knows as singing sands. Once you are up on the top of sand dunes, the sound of people or animal is heard clear, the people and the cars in the slope of the dunes will look like a tiny bug. Many tourists are visiting to the Mongolian Gobi. The sand dunes make you feel extraordinary comfort and infinite peace. A number of tourists are visiting to the South Gobi to see a sunset and a sunrise from the top of the sand dunes. You will have a great experience visiting to the Mongolian Gobi desert.