This settlement ruin is situated near Khar Bukh River Bridge, 12km from Dashinchilen Soum, Bulgan Aimag. The locals call it Khuntaijyn Balgas or Khadaasangyn Balgas. This ruin is believed to have established during the Khitan period because the roof tiles, containing the 9th-10th century’s Khitan inscription, found from the area. And it was same as that of Chin Balgas. In the 17th century a stone monastery was built on the site. This settlement had enclosed an area of 500m long each side and alongside of the main road there were building traces some of which were surrounded by a ditch. Surprisingly, these buildings were constructed of volcanic rocks, a grindstone and shale. Currently, some remains of the 2-storey castle are there. A scientist Kh.Perlee found the 15th-14th century’s papyrus book of code in the ruin. These papyrus books contained various themes of religious sutras, law books and alphabet spellings of Mongolian traditional script. Khar Bukhyn Balgas was taken under the state protection in 1998.