This place is situated on southern east sunny side of Rocky Mountain Uushig, 17km west from Murun town of Khuvsgul Province and about 3km from northern bank of Delger River in Burentogtokh Soum. You can find mounds, square burials and 14 deer stones in a single area at the same time. This memorial contains the most clearly depicted deer stone in Mongolia. These deer stones were aligned from north to south in a single column. Each stone is 3-20m distant from each other and was made of tetrahedral granite stone colored reddish. A deer, an arch, a shield, a horse, a knife, the moon, the sun and a mirror figured belt were engraved on the stones. These oblong-shaped stone monuments are 1.5-4.8 meters high, 0.4-1 meter wide and 20-50 cm thick. Total of 109 deer figures as well as some human figures were carved on 14 stones.