Situated about 37km northwest from the centre of Delgertsogt Soum, Dundgobi  Aimag. This area of granite surrounded by flat plains is located 1768m above sea level covering 300 sq km area. Around the mountain pass and valley one can see considerable number of ancient graves, khirigsuurs, petroglyphs and monuments besides many gushing springs. There are many sights to see such as a rocky ravine of poplar called Sudutyn am, Jargalant cave, spring of eyesight, Tahilgiin Havtsal. (Tahilga canyon), Ger Chuluu and Hunnu graves.

Ger Chuluu: It contains many cave drawings including a petro glyph depicted a man tying 2 ibex with a rope. This cave painting belongs to the latter period of Bronze Age and attracts greater attention from researchers. On a nearby rock 2 deer were depicted at their real size. One of them is 170cm long and 90cm high. 

Sudutyn Am: This mountain gap was named as Sudutyn Am, because large amount of grass called sud grow in the area. About 300 years ago 2 monks lived as a hermit among poplar groves in this rocky canyon. They erected their home in the area where a brook flows through. So, they could take water inside their home without going out. These monks were entombed here with their creations. Currently, an entrance of the canyon is closed with a fortress. Later in the early 20th century this canyon was being used by Zava Damdin, a well-known representative of Mongolian yellow sect Buddhism, to create his works.

Jargalant Cave: This 18m-long cave is situated 1km from Sudutyn Am. While going through the cave, one is forced to cover first half of the way on foot but another half by crawling. In ancient time there were crystal-like glittering water drops along the cave wall. Unfortunately, currently there are almost any of them.

Springs of eyesight: Springs of eyesight is 1km from both Sudutyn Am and Jargalant Cave. The spring is in 50cm-deep and 7cm-diametered hole. It is believed that one’s eyesight will improve if this spring is applied to his or her eyes by using special dipper hung nearby.

Takhilgyn Khavtsal: Being 1768m above sea level Takhilgyn Khavtsal is the highest peak of the Baga Gazryn Chuluu. The mountain has a high rocky ravine making a sight extremely grand. Occasionally, ibex and mountain sheep appear here.

Hunnu Graves: Possible to see 64 Hunnu graves at once in Dund Shandyn Am of Baga Gazryn Chuluu. In 1989 Mongolia-Hungary-Russia joint group excavated the area. Distances between the graves vary and a depth of the grave hole is 3.3m. During the excavation many articles were found including a curved ends of a bow, an iron bridle bit and a broken rippled vase ext.