Talyn Agui is situated on a flat steppe, 14km northwest from Mount Shiliin Bogd in Dariganga Soum of Sukhbaatar province. Formerly, it was difficult to find the site due to its location on a steppe. But, currently it became easy to find because Ovoo (cairn) was placed near mouth of the cave. This cave is the largest one among caves discovered in Mongolia. The mouth of the cave is not high enough to enter standing, so one should bow to enter the cave. Just after entering it, the cave is 2m wide, 10m high and the air inside is a cool. 40-50 meters wide and 30 meters high icy corridor follows after 30 meter continued volcanic rocks. It shimmers like a rainbow when a light is reflected to the ice. The scene is brilliant. Unfortunately, entering this section became so difficult because the road was blocked by a landslide.