It is situated 22km from Tsetserleg town on a bank of Khoid Tamir River in Ikhtamir Soum, Arkhangai province. Taikhar Chuluu is 18m-high cliff of granite. This cliff was formed by separating from the river bank due to millions of years’ continual flow of Khoid Tamir River through granite cape on its northern bank. Over 150 inscriptions in various scripts including Turkic, Uyghur, Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu and Chinese were engraved on the cliff, but most of them seem to have barely appeared as time passes. About 70 of them are in Mongolian script and the 15th-17th century’s Mongolian state official’s name such as Khuukhai Dayu of Oirad, Tsogt Huntaij of Kalkh can be read. Another inscription is about the decree of Enkh-Amgalan, a king of Daichin state, brought by Ravdan. Those who inscribed on the Taikhar Chuluu are expected to engrave their names and provinces. This tradition is being practiced even until today, but it makes old inscriptions disappeared in some way.

The myth: There was a wide valley on the way to Zag Baidrag River after climbing over Khangai range. It is believed that a giant snake passed the valley crossing over 3 open canyons of Eg Mountain pass moving along the Khangai mountain range until it reached the site of current Taikhar Chuluu and then fell into a hole under the cliff. After that, a well-known local wrestler knowingly plugged the hole with a massive cliff, currently known as Taikhar Chuluu.