Lake Khukh Burd is situated in Adaatsag Soum of Dundgobi province. There is a stone castle ruin built in the 16th-17th century on a small island in the lake. The ruin is 7-8 meters high, 10 meters wide and 25 meters long. The castle was a huge one that consisted of 4 sections with a 150cm thick wall. In the 16th century, a son of Tibetan nobleman had the temple built by Mongolians. However, he was forced to go home country without finishing a temple construction. That is why it was remained roofless and named as “Oroigui Sum” (Temple without roof). Although later it was roofed several times, all of them destroyed due to the thunder. So, it remained roofless. There was a 40m long double stone fortress in front of the building. Besides these, there had been a big construction which was knocked down in order to build a cattle pen. Stones used to build the castle are supposed to have carried by camel carts from approximately 200km south far away. Having an excellent property of adhering, lacustrine clay in the lake was used in construction. Originally, there were 3 streamlets feeding the lake. Unfortunately, only one of them left due to a continuous drought and the lake’s level has been gradually going down as time passes. Formerly, aquatic birds such as a goose, a duck and a swan had been living here. On south of the lake, there is Uuden Bulag spring. Saint D.Danzanravjaa performed his play “Saran Khukhuu” in the region. This stone castle ruin was taken under state special protection in 1998.