Rashaan Khad is situated near southeast end of Mount Binder in Batshireet Soum of Khentii province. Archeologists signify this complex which belongs to the period between Stone Age and the 16th century, as an important representative of memorials in eastern Mongolia. Surrounding area is full of cave paintings, various kinds of inscriptions, stone tools and graves of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age as well as the Hun period. Besides them, there are also historical memorials belong to the Bronze Age, the Khitan period and the Mongol Empire. On this cave there are stencil paintings of games and a human figure, hundreds of seal imprints of tribes and over 20 inscriptions in Khitan, Arabian, Persian, Tibetan, Chinese as well as Mongolian script.

Rock paintings on Rashaan Khad: Hundreds of animal figures, seal imprints and inscriptions in various scripts all of which belong to the Paleolithic period or the Mesolithic period are found on Rashaan Khad. During his expeditions in 1943 and 1968, Kh.Perlee discovered 180 images on the foreside, over 40 on the backside and about 50 on the crest of a granite stone facing east. On the rock west of Rashaan Khad, a high finned, a short fat legged and a long trunked mammoth was depicted. This figure was much same as that of the Kapovoi cave in Ural mountain range and caves in Europe. On another flat rock flock of three rhinos were depicted in huge with a high fin, short legs and a special attention was put on a tusk and horns over its nose.