KHONGOR SAND DUNES: Khongor sand dune is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Rising as high 200 m, the dunes are 7-8 km wide and about 180 km long. The dunes rise up between a spur of the Altai mountains to the south, and springs and oases on the north side with lush greeny. Climbing the dunes is breathtaking, not only for the view at the top, the sand dunes makes a singing sound while you climb.

Knowing as singing sands. Once you are up on the top of sand dunes, the sound of people or animal will be heard clear, the people and the cars in the slope of the dunes will look like a tiny bug. Many tourists are visiting to the Mongolian Gobi. The sand dunes make you feel extraordinary comfort and infinite peace and to see the sun rise. Number of  tourists are visiting to the South Gobi to see a sun down. You will have a great experience visiting to the Mongolian Gobi desert.


  • 1 pax: 790$
  • 2 pax: 490$ (Per person)
  • 3 pax: 390$ (Per person)
  • 4 pax: 340$ (Per person)
  • 5-6 pax: 320$ (Per person)



  •  Bus ticket
  •  Car with an experienced driver
  •  Petrol
  •  Tour guide
  •  Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  •  Guest house
  •  Tourist camp
  •  Camelback riding
  •  Tax for National park
  •  Tax for local museum
  •  Bottled water

Not included

  •  Video & photo taxes
  •  Travel insurance
  •  Personal expenses and gratuities

Travel packing list


Travel by a local bus to Dalanzadgad city (610 km). Dalanzadgad is the capital of South-Gobi, in the south of the country. It’s located 540 km of Ulaanbaatar, 1470 m high above sea level. Nowadays, due to the mining development in the south of the province, the city is booming. Drive to Bayanzag - Flaming cliff. The flaming cliff is named flaming due to their ochre red color, also this is where a “cemetery of dinosaurs” is located and where the saxual tree grows in the Gobi. Stay overnight in Bayanzag guest house. (By car 100 km)

Drive to Khavtsgait petrography and Khongor sand dunes. These sand dunes are the largest and most impressive white sand dunes in Mongolia. Also, it is known as the Duut manhan (singing dunes), stretching more than 180 km with heights of 15-30 m. The largest dunes are North West of the range up to 800 m high. Traveling with camels to the bottom of the sand dunes and hiking up to the top. From the top, the view of sunset & the surrounding desert is breathtaking. (By car 20 km, by camel 4 km) Stay overnight in a Mongolian nomadic family.

Drive to Yol and Dungenee valley. Hiking in the valleys. The canyon named after the bearded vultures. The vulture flies high and lands only on the top of the high mountain. This canyon wall follows the river, it continues for 8km, 2800 m high above sea level. (By car 180 km) Stay overnight in Gobi discovery tourist camp.

Return to Ulaanbaatar city by bus. (By car 40km, by local bus 610 km)
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