DORNOD MONGOL STEPPE: Mongolia's most vast steppe is called the Menen steppe, it is located in the Dornod province, 60 km to the west of Buir lake, it is 600m above sea level. This is one of the biggest steppes in the world, it is unique because it has largely remained undeveloped. This vast steppe continues all the way till the east side of Mongolia, to Dariganga volcano. 

The Steppe zone stretches to Khalkha river in the north, it lies east of the Khyangan mountain range. The steppe is divided into 2 main parts: the north side of Kherlen, and the south side of Tamsag. The lowest point of this steppe in Mongolia lies in the northern area of the Kherlen. Mongolian famous poet B.Yavuukhulan described this steppe as: “Seeing the sunrise from the distance of lassoing the horse is amazing” (it means that because Mongolian people lasso the horse from very close, looking the sunrise from very close is more amazing.)


 Code: TIC – TT 2    


DORNOD STEPPE (Japanese 4WD Vehicle, Active adventure tour, 4 nights, 5 days)


Day 1: Go to Dornod province Khulun buir sum by a local bus. Driver will pick up at 17:00 pm then visit to a Barga family in the mountain slope of Chinggisiin or. (By local bus 550km, by car 20km) Stay overnight with Barga – family.


Day 2: Drive to Tug mountain where Chinggis khaan used to worship and asked for blessings under for those under his black banner before he went to a war. Eat lunch then travel 40 km to Undur ereg in Horseman’s camp, in Bulgan mountain. Horse riding tour through Kherlen river for 10 km. Travel through small feeder rivers, swamps and willow forest. Visit Shar tokhoi in Fisherman’s camp. (By car 75 km, by horse 10 km) Stay overnight in Mongolian ger.


Day 3: Travel by boat through Mongolian longest Kherlen river experience fishing along the way, continue travelling to reach Khadan khoshuu. Eat Mongolian traditional food. Continue travelling in beautiful nature until you reach Tugul resort. Eat grilled skewer with meat and fresh vegetable salad for dinner.  (By boat 50 км)  Stay overnight in Tugul camp.


Day 4: Get up early in the morning travel to a stunningly diverse natural setting, border zone of Mongolia and China. You will see the morning sun rise from the endless steppe. Eat lunch with the border guard and horseman family. Return to Choibalsan city, visit Bunhant tolgoi, Natural and historical, cultural museum, Mongolian soldgier statue, Brother’s monument, Independence square, Kherlen Nomin supermarket. (By car 180 km) Stay overnight in Kherlen hotel.


Day 5: Return to Ulaanbaatar city by bus. (By local bus 670 km)



  • 1 pax – 790$
  • 2 pax – 490$ (Per person)
  • 3 pax – 400$ (Per person)
  • 4 pax – 350$ (Per person)
  • 5 pax – 310$ (Per person)


Including: Local bus ticket, local chauffeured vehicle, gasoline, interpreter guide, local hotel, local camp, breakfast, lunch, dinner, visit to nomads, horseback riding, horse guide, rafting tour, entry fees for museum, tax for national park, road taxes.

Excluding: video & photo taxes, drinks, emergency land rescue if required, tips etc ….

Please register at the Tourist information center on the first floor of the State Department Store.  Tel: 7010-1011

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